Great strategy for installing printer drivers to a few workstations quickly and easily

I had to install Brother printers recently, onto workstations running Windows XP Pro, Windows 7 Business Edition (both 32/64bit), and Vista Ultimate OSes. Use of printer redirection was necessary using Terminal Services/Remote Desktop services, so it was important to have the OS-specific drivers pre-installed.

I know there are multiple way of pushing drivers from networkerd print servers but I found the following steps below worked best for me.

1) Download your printer driver specific to your Operating system version.

2) Click Search. 

3) Scroll down to the very end where it says “Add Printer Wizard Driver” and download that to your c:\temp folder.

4) After download, run the EXE from the c:\temp folder.

5) When prompted, extract/decompress it to c:\temp.
6) Go to Control Panel | Printers.

7) Click Add Printer.

8) Add a local Printer.

9) Use an existing port LPT1:. Click Next. This is a bogus printer object as the printer does not really plug in to LPT1.

10) Click Have Disk.

11) Browse to c:\temp\32 folder, which is the folder the printer drivers were decompressed/extracted to from step #5. Click Ok.

12) Select Brother Printer from the list of printers. Click Next.

13) Type a printer name. Keep the default.  Click Next. 
The drivers are now installed to this workstation. You can delete this printer now because it is bogus (no printer is in LPT1 port).  we just did steps 1-13 to install the printer drivers. The next steps actually install the actual network printer to this workstation.
14) After printer is installed, go to Start | Run and type UNC

15) Printer is installed. Don’t forget to print a test page.

These steps are great for a small number of workstations and I have used it for a while now. However for an enterprise installation, it is too time consuming. Have you used this strategy before because I’m curious if I’m the only one that does this?

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