Chromilo and I met at the local library to work on my brand-new website together.
As a tutor, Chromilo was easy to understand, and showed me how to make pages, menus, and customize my WordPress website by modifying the codes.  The basic information I learned from him allowed me
to go home and continue working on my website until our next session.


– October 31, 2010

Clint said this comment below after we fixed access to a datasource in Vancouver from his office in Kelowna, as part of a time-sensitive project they are working on. Work was done late in the evening:

– May 14, 2010

Philip said this to Chromilo over the phone for helping implement a solution to host more than one website on a production web server without using virtual folders or silly masked url redirections which generates ajax errors:
“Thank you so much..glad to have you onboard working with us.”

– March 18, 2010

Brian, the Branch Manager at the Burnaby location, had good things to say about the service we (Allan) provided to fix Ryan’s network connectivity issue. We determined it was a network card problem and replace that quickly instead of trying out different sofware driver fixes. This is what he said when asked how things were:

“Seems to be good. He is away sick today so no one is really using it. I will let you know tomorrow. Thanks for the quick service.”

– February 10, 2010

This comment is from a client in Aldergrove, with a slow-printing issue issue. Replaced the native driver with a universal printer driver. This is what she had to say:

“Good Morning!!!!
Yay!!!!   You fixed it.  I had to print up 100 pages and it was going good and then after about 6 pages it stopped.  Oh no I thought….but….ahah!!! I was just out of paper.  Re-loaded and tadah!!! working great. 
Thank you so much for fixing it last night.   It was sooooo irritating!!

– February 3, 2010

Don Robinson of ESSA technologies said this during the September 2009 monthly systems maintenance:

“Thanks again for your excellent support. You really do keep us humming.”

– December 12, 2009

Lorne Greig of ESSA technologies had this to say about my careful consideration of Internet Explorer 8:
“While IE8 was on the system it was incredibly slow, took over a minute to
close an application window, took 2 to 3 minutes to boot and the processor
seemed to be constantly in overdrive.

You’ve made a good decision not to install it anywhere. Given my experience
I’d recommend continuing that policy.



– June 1, 2009

I got the following compliment from a proprietor Kevin Murray of Vancouver after he emailed me the source code from his paypal buynow button – “here’s the new source code…thanks again…you do good work…kevin”. The websites we worked on for kevin includes www.trainyourdogkit.com, www.guidebookforweddings.com, and www.guideforflyfishing .com.

– February 28, 2009

When Donald Robinson of ESSA Technologies Ltd talked to Nick Santorelli at Grandview Blacktop Ltd about me for work reference, Nick said that I was very trustworthy and spoke very highly of me. I worked for him unsupervised and at odd hours so trust is paramount. They both agreed that in this line of work, trust and honesty is their primary concern above all else, and that technical prowess was only secondary. I agree.

– December 24, 2008


I created this simple site for Malcolm at Talies In Works Canada Inc., www.taliesinworks.com using artwork designed by his daughter Julie. It’s made purely with Photoshop imaga maps and  image slices. This is what he had to say

client: ”The website looks good!  Thanks for putting in the text ideas; I am starting to focus on what I need to say, and what pictures will be needed for the sub-pages. Also, I am thinking about other background pictures for the sub-pages rather than the Flyer art.  I will call you and we can discuss what is involved in using her artwork, and how much work it is to change the background. I am OK with getting the website live now, and then making updates as we go along.”

-December 7, 2008


I created and designed a new dating web site www.fishthatdate.com using a popular Content Management System (CMS) called Joomla. The project was tight with specific scope but timelines were flexible. Halfway through it, the project  took a dive and the client decided to complete it himself. This is what he had to say when I attempted to finish the project:

client: “I think it is still possible to finish the business with you but we need to be careful not to fall into the same as everyone else, I wanted something different from everyone else …..
I will give a good testimonial as long as you finish my work the way i ask you …
I think you are very professional guy but just a bit slow (I don’t think he meant stupid) but that’s totally understanding at the beginning…”

I continued to finish the project and when asked if client was happier with the results, this is what he had to say:

client: “hey chromilo start looking good thank you man…..”

Unfortunately, the client did not make the next payments, at which point I stopped with the project.

-July 23, 2008


This one is from Janice Snow Lohmann | SMSG Readiness | MSNA Field Communications Manager with Microsoft. She needed some help getting a June 2008 newsletter ready for email distribution. It was about 12 pages long and was in html format. I used MS Expression Web to format the newsletter using stylesheets and standard html best practice coding. It was a tight deadline of 5 days to turn it around. This is what she had to say about Chromilo:

“Thank you for the speedy turnaround. Good work!!”

“Thanks for getting this ready to go quickly”

-June 1, 2008


The following testimonial is from Elizabeth Hernandez from Mexico. She is Jade’s previous co-worker and was a job applicant at a company that required Sharepoint skills:

“I had a very important technical job interview to prepare for and I requested Chromilo to help me out with MS Sharepoint. He understood the urgency and relevance of me getting well prepared and he focused on the main important aspects of the application combining it with his own expertise. I’d like to mention this was over the telephone as I was abroad, and his professionalism and efficient communication helped me out to the point to get my second interview with the same employee!”

-Jan 7, 2008


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